My Latest Scenes
The last time I ripped my stockings in one of my movies, I got a bunch of fan mail saying how much you all loved it! So here I am and I'm ready to rip! This mesh stocking outfit was a gift actually from one of my members and I'm going to put it to good use. I hope the present that bought it for me gets to see this hot video set. Look my nipples are sticking out, I already cut a opening for them to breath a little more. And oh yes there's plenty more of that so sit back and watch and please start jerking your cock.
I am sure you already saw part 1, Into The Light with Ava Devine. Ok this is part 2 now and Ava Devine and I are laying together on the floor, well a lil more then laying there. Ava wants to see what kind of a fucking filthy whore I really am. So she has Jerry walk in naked with his cock out, and order me to suck his cock while i vibrate her lil pussy. And so this hot fucking scene goes Jerry fucks the shit out of us, let just say that, you have to watch this one!
So I'm laying here in this little blue uniform feeling really fucking horny. Oh and I have on pantyhose all the way up over my ass. They are torn in a few places from the last time I was fucked in them. Torn is good makes me seem even more dirty which I am. Watch as I touch myself under and over these pantyhose. Would you like to rub your cock all over them, I think so baby. Hold on let me rip them in half, right where my pussy is. She is hot and horny for action. Nothing better then a hot MILF like me in pantyhose take out your cock and cum...
I can't even believe it's July 2012 already fuck! I have my Independence on today that's for sure. I'm independently going to please myself and look at the flag behind me LOL. Looks like a July 4th set ha? Well it is and I'm here for you, all my loyal members! Whether you're from America or not please enjoy this holiday as I sure will. Watch as all my fireworks go off in this hot solo set I just shot for all of you! Happy 4th of July 2012!